The 30's

The Story

Conii Hostel got its name from the Conii people, who inhabited the regions of the Algarve and the Alentejo before the eighth century A.C.. Regarded as being responsible for creating the Southwest Writings, they were a cultured and educated people. Known for trading with different people and for being welcoming, the Hostel decided to adopt their name.

Southwest Writings

A Quarteira home in the 40s

40s and 50s

The name is not the only root, the building itself is dated back to 1875. It was built to house two stores and a small home. 

Its facade still preserves the original features although it underwent a major refurbishment inside it still maintains the story and the old hospitality tradition that lives on in the form of a Hostel.

A Hostel with an ancient name, whose people made these lands their home before the Romans or the Portuguese; A XIX century building with XXI century Internet and a timeless good mood:
Conii Hostel opened its doors to the sea.

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